On-Farm Options – Livestock Systems

Following are a collection of resources which can assist with making decisions relating to stocking rates, time of lambing, time of calving, enterprise mix and management to increase reproductive performance of sheep and cattle.

EverGraze Exchange

The EverGraze Exchange (Online) – Livestock systems for profitable and sustainable use of perennial pastures provides information on the key factors driving livestock productivity and enterprise profitability. A process is included for evaluating your livestock system to identify opportunities for optimising pasture utilisation and long term profitability, whilst also staying within the boundaries of financial and environmental risk. The EverGraze Exchange – Making on-farm strategic changes, provides the worksheets referred to in this Exchange. EverGraze research outcomes from livestock systems and modelling studies at Albany, Hamilton and Wagga Wagga are referred to throughout the Exchange.

 Benchmarking your performance and setting objectives

Tools and procedures

Regional benchmarks

In Victoria, the the Livestock Farm Monitor Project managed by Agriculture Victoria, evaluates the physical and financial data from farms in the southwest, northeast and Gippsland.  Annual summaries of the data for these regions are available from the Agriculture Victoria website.

Sheep systems

Sheep systems in EverGraze

Sheep reproductive performance

The following video was developed from a national EverGraze phone conference. The topic is ‘What’s the most profitable way to use limited green feed this summer?’ Presenters are Kate Sargeant and Laura Garland, Agriculture Victoria and Michael Friend Charles Sturt University.

Sheep genetics

Beef systems

Modelling studies

EverGraze modelling

Other modelling


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