Case Studies in South West Victoria (Lower)

Case studies have been written on many farmers putting EverGraze principles into practice. The pages below provide stories from farmers in the south-west region of Victoria describing what changes they have made to their farming enterprises and the impact on their business and lifestyle.

Site location Host producer Title Focus
Ballan Scott and Peter Young Changed management of steep gorges – Scott and Peter Young Scott Young runs a 780 hectare mixed cropping property with his father near Ballan in Victoria. He has an EverGraze Supporting Site investigating management of steep gorges as a way of achieving better production and to help control serrated tussock. He spoke about the changes he plans to make as a result of the trials at the Supporting Site.
Freshwater Creek Terry and Mary Cliff Rejuvenating old pasture proves a viable alternative – Terry and Mary Cliff, Freshwater Creek, South West Victoria After a number of very dry years that had left their pastures degraded, stud cattle producers Terry and Mary Cliff were keen to set up a trial to find the most suitable, persistent and productive perennial pasture species for the Surf Coast region of Victoria.
Mt Wallace John and Maureen Fish Pastures for place and purpose in bent grass country – John and Maureen Fish For John and Maureen Fish, their EverGraze Supporting Site in south west Victoria, has demonstrated the potential of both winter-active and summer- active fescues, phalaris and lucerne pastures on their country.
Warncoort Peter and Regina Dooley Phalaris proves profitable in cracking clay – Peter and Regina Dooley, Warncoort, Victoria Peter and Regina Dooley run a mixed farming operation near Colac in south- western Victoria. The soils on their basalt landscape vary from loams to heavy, cracking clays, with some rocky areas. The Dooleys were keen to host an EverGraze Supporting Site to see if perennial pastures could be established and made to persist on areas with these difficult soils.

Demonstration and Case Studies


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