EverGraze Exchange – Improving survival of lambs

EverGraze has developed profitable farming systems that integrate the use of perennial pastures, high performing livestock enterprises and best management practices with a whole farm approach.

An integral driver of these productive sheep systems is achieving a high lamb survival rate with high lamb marking percentages flowing through to high weaning rates. The national reproductive performance (lambs marked per ewe joined) of the Australian sheep industry has seen little change over the last two decades. To ensure the long term sustainability of the industry and to improve the profitability of lamb production systems, lamb survival and marking percentages need to be improved.

EverGraze research has demonstrated that perennial pastures and shrubs can improve lamb survival through provision of high quality forage and shelter. This EverGraze Exchange draws together the science behind lamb survival (both from EverGraze and previous research) and provides recommendations for practices which can be considered to address lamb survival issues on farm.


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