On-Farm Demonstration in East Gippsland


Demonstration sites have played an integral role in supporting groups of producers to try new grazing practices and perennial systems from EverGraze and other associated projects to increase profitability and improve environmental outcomes.  Demonstration sites have been either directly linked to EverGraze as Supporting Sites, or associated with other relevant projects.  Where links are provided, these pages provide details of the measurements, observations and experiences of the farmers in the East Gippsland demonstration site groups, and links to relevant research.

Site location Host producer Focus
Benambra EverGraze Supporting Site Ian and Di Nicholas Landclass fencing and rotational grazing for low-input native pastures
Bengworden, Vic Rick Robertson Using saltbush hedgerows to manage wind erosion and provide shelter for lambing and sheep off shears.
Marlo, Vic Vanessa Ingram-Daniel Establishment and cell grazing of tall fescue and perennial ryegrass pastures for beef production
Tambo Crossing, Vic Kevin Dean Implementation of rotational grazing on native pastures across the whole farm; using kikuyu on hill crests to manage ground cover.

Demonstration and Case Studies


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