On-Farm Options – Soil and Fertility Management

Soil type, condition and fertility have a large impact on persistence, production, composition and nutritive value and hence animal production and economic return from pastures. The various soil types and implications on pasture species selection within each region are described under soils in the regional packages. Considerations for matching soil type to pastures are also described for the EverGraze Proof Sites at Hamilton and Albany. Information on addressing soil-related issues such as salinity and acidity is provided in the regional packages.

Following are some useful resources for monitoring and managing soils. Further information is available on state agency websites.

Soil testing

Addressing soil nutrient deficiencies

Management of soil phosphorus in native pastures

The use and management of phosphorus on native pastures was examined at Orange and Chiltern EverGraze Proof Sites. Results are discussed on the following pages:


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