Hamilton EverGraze Team

The Hamilton EverGraze Proof Site team was led by Dr. Ralph Behrendt from 2005-2013 and consisted of  scientists and technical staff within Agriculture Victoria.  An enthusiastic  advisory group consisting of  farmers, consultants, extension officers, Landmark staff and Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority staff provided significant input into the direction, management and interpretation of  experimental results  to make them relevant to farmers.

Hamilton Team
Representatives of the Hamilton team and EverGraze regional group, April 2013.
L-R. Rear row; Georgina Gubbins, Graham Lean, David Barry, Ralph Behrendt, Richard Murphy, David Robertson;
Front row; Steve Clark, Margaret Raeside, Debbie Shea, Malcolm McCaskill, Don Price, Peter Hayes
Absent: Anita Morant, Graeme Ward, Daniel Laffan, Lachlan Hurley.

Current Project Team

Name Organisation Role
Ralph Behrendt Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton Proof Site Leader
Steve Clark Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton Scientist – agronomy and modelling
Malcolm McCaskill Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton Scientist – hydrology and lamb survival
Graeme Ward Formerly Agriculture Victoria, Warrnambool Scientist – agronomy
Margaret Raeside Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton Scientist (PhD) – tall fescue component study
Anita Morant Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton Regional/State Extension Coordinator
Peter Hayes Producer, Hamilton Chair, EverGraze Regional Group
David Barry Producer, Woorndoo EverGraze Regional Group
Lachlan Hurley Agronomist, Landmark EverGraze Regional Group
Daniel Laffan Producer, Woorndoo EverGraze Regional Group
Georgina Gubbins Producer, Allansford EverGraze Regional Group
David Robertson Producer, Coleraine EverGraze Regional Group (former chair)
Don Price Producer, Cavendish EverGraze Regional Group
Graham Lean Consultant Hamilton EverGraze Regional Group
Debbie Shea Yadin Pastoral, Ararat EverGraze Regional Group
Richard Murphy Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authority EverGraze Regional Group

Past EverGraze Project Team Members and Contributors to the Hamilton Proof Site research

Mark Wootton, Producer Cavendish.

Reg Hill, Agronomist, Ballarat

Matthew Sparke Landmark, Horsham

Laurie Norman, Consultant Ballarat

Peter Forster GHCMA Hamilton

Current and former Agriculture Victoria Proof Site Team Members

Geoff Saul, Site Leader and then consultant

Andrew Kennedy, Livestock Scientist

Matthew Kelly, Technical Officer

Jayne Holmes, Technical Officer

Belinda O’Brien, Technical Officer

Sandra Greenaway, Administration support

Alistair Lawson, Agronomist,

Alan Byron, Technical Officer

Andrew Phelan, Senior Technical Officer

Kirsten Fogarty, Technical Officer

Fiona Cameron, Senior Technical Officer

Frank McKenzie, Agronomist

Economic and Modelling Analyses

Lisa Warn, Consultant, Mackinnon Project Melbourne University

Claire Lewis, Economist, Agriculture Victoria

Kerry Stott, Economist, Agriculture Victoria

Biometrics/Statistical Support

Gavin Kearney, Consultant


Claire Radford, Melbourne University



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