On-Farm Demonstration in North East Victoria

Demonstration sites have played an integral role in supporting groups of producers to try new grazing practices and perennial systems from EverGraze and other associated projects to increase profitability and improve environmental outcomes.  Demonstration sites have been either directly linked to EverGraze as Supporting Sites, or associated with other relevant projects.  The pages below provide details of the measurements, observations and experiences of the farmers in the northeast demonstration site groups, and links to relevant research.

Site location Host producer Focus
Benambra EverGraze Supporting Site 1
Ian and Di Nicholas Landclass fencing and rotational grazing for low-input native pastures
Creightons Creek Caring for Our Country EverGraze Supporting Site Barrie  and Anne Noye Landclass fencing for management and economic analysis from regeneration of a run-down phalaris pasture, a low-input native pasture and a new phalaris pasture sown into a high fertility sheep camp area.
Cudgewa EverGraze Supporting Site John Star Pasture establishment, land class fencing and implementation of rotational grazing.
Euroa MLA Producer Demonstration Site
Andrew Walta John Kelly Two sites compared production, persistence, stocking rates and economic return from different perennial options including cocksfoot, phalaris, tall fescue and brome.  Grazing crops and chicory were evaluated for their place in the system.
Killawarra EverGraze Supporting Site Graham Colson Establishment of summer-dormant tall fescue on an arable part of the landscape and land class fencing to manage native pastures in rocky hill country (especially management of spear grass).
Murmungee Caring for Our Country EverGraze Supporting Site Judy and Chris Griffiths Land class fencing, management and cattle production from Microlaena-based native pastures in a system with phalaris.
Pastoria Caring for Our Country EverGraze Supporting Site Michael O’Sullivan Comparison and economic evaluation of winter-active (phalaris and perennial ryegrass) and summer-active (chicory) pasture species for prime lamb enterprises.
Strath Creek Caring for Our Country EverGraze Supporting Site Terry Hubbard Land class fencing and grazing management on very steep hill country native pastures
Seymour Caring for Our Country EverGraze Supporting Site Gary McLarty Cost benefit of phalaris pasture establishment (sown in both autumn and spring) compared to annual ryegrass
Tallangatta Valley Caring for Our Country EverGraze Supporting Site Stuart and Janet Morant Establishment, production, persistence and cost analysis of summer dormant tall fescue and cocksfoot pasture mix and land class fencing to manage less arable parts of the landscape.
Taminick EverGraze Supporting Site Bill Johnson Fencing for rotational grazing and strategic management of barley grass in phalaris pastures.
Warrenbayne EverGraze Supporting Site Mark and Janet Pruden Establishment and management of phalaris pastures.

Northeast Victoria Demonstration Site Photo Gallery

Demonstration and Case Studies


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