Case Studies in Tasmania

Case studies have been written on many farmers putting EverGraze principles into practice. The pages below provide stories from farmers in Tasmania describing what changes they have made to their farming enterprises and the impact on their business and lifestyle.

Site location Host producer Title Focus
Fingal Valley Humbertson McKenzie Spanish cocksfoot, leading the way – Humbertson McKenzie Tasmanian producer, Humberston McKenzie, is an avid convert to the new Spanish cocksfoot cultivar Uplands, which is gathering significant interest in Tasmania and the southern mainland states.
Unbridge Richard and Emily Gardner Perennials offer security in mixed farming system Richard and Emily Gardner personify modern Tasmanian farmers with an enterprise mix that includes sheep, irrigated poppies, irrigated and dryland winter cereals and grass seed crops.
Ross Simon and Penny Foster Persistence proves profitable As distinct seasonal patterns become a thing of the past, Simon and Penny Foster, Ross, Tasmania are striving for pasture options that provide ultimate management flexibility.
Fingal Valley Humberston and Toni McKenzie Spanish cocksfoot leads the way Following three years of drought, which left most existing pastures seriously degraded, Humberston McKenzie, Fingal Tasmania, wanted a pasture species that would be productive, drought and frost tolerant, could stand up to pests, and not be a toxicity risk to his stock.
Derwent Valley John Porter Weaner growth rates hit their straps For John Porter, Norton Mandeville, a successful prime lamb operation is not just about high weaning percentages —it’s also about weaner growth rates.
TIAR Research Agronomist, Eric Hall (left) and Humberston McKenzie (right)
TIAR Research Agronomist, Eric Hall (left) and Humberston McKenzie (right)

Demonstration and Case Studies


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