On-Farm Demonstration in South Australia

Demonstration sites have played an integral role in supporting groups of producers to try new grazing practices and perennial systems from EverGraze and other associated projects to increase profitability and improve environmental outcomes.  Demonstration sites have been either directly linked to EverGraze as Supporting Sites, or associated with other relevant projects.

Site location Host producer Focus
Back Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula, SA Austin and Joy Johnson To reduce run off, improve water use, maintain ground cover and reduce erosion, while increasing the productivity of the pasture
Keilira, SA Jeff England Persistence and production of perennial pastures on well drained black clay flats prone to sodicity.
MacGillivray, KanagarooIsland, SA Trevor, Lyn, Keith and Colin Bolto Rhodes grass and kikuyu for improved livestock production and ground cover compared to annual sub-clover and annual grasses/weeds.
Naracoorte, SA Mark Buckett Winter active tall fescue for increased herbage and ground cover compared to annual pastures common in the region.
Colin, Trevor and Lyn Bolto, Kangaroo Island
Colin, Trevor and Lyn Bolto, Kangaroo Island

Demonstration and Case Studies


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