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April 2013

Green feed options deliver higher margins
Latest Research: Flushing on green feed increases lambs born
Case Study: Phalaris proves profitable in cracking clay, Peter and Regina Dooley, Warrncoort, South West Vic
Latest Research: Optimum prime lamb production systems for south-coast WA
Latest News: New stocking rate calculator, updated Feed Budget Roatation Planner, new Feed On Offer guide”

November 2012

EverGraze Supporting Sites demonstrate impact on farm
Case Study: Pastures for place and purpose in bent grass country – John and Moureen Fish, Mt Wallace
Case Study: Trading low productivity for high protection – Rick Robertson, Bengworden
Latest Research: New challenges with tropical perennial grass management in northern NSW
Latest News: Biodiversity assessment tool available on website

June 2012

Latest Research: Improving the management of variable landscapes
Latest Research: Managing native pastures for productivity and profit at Holbrook
Case Study: Management increases value of native pastures (Ian Locke, Hollbrook, NSW)
Latest news: Plan ahead with the Feed Budget Rotation Planner

March 2012

Latest Research: Profitability scenarios for Albany Proof Site
Latest Research: Can shrub belts provide recharge control?
Case Study: Curries – sheltering their lamb income (Tim and Richard Currie, Casterton, VIC)
Latest news: Exciting development in EverGraze
– NEW Improving lamb survival brochure and national phone seminar
– Regional packages – coming soon
– Gippsland Regional Coordinator pilots EverGraze ‘Whole Farm Grazing Strategies’

October 2011

Latest Research: Using growth curves to manage farm forage supply
Case Study: Opportunity presented profits at Mooneys Gap (Rod and Bernadette Vearing, Ararat, VIC)
EverFarm – putting EverGraze into practice
Latest news: Regional packages – making national research relevant
Latest news: New Research Leader for EverGraze / Introducing Tony Cox ~ EverGraze Extension at Orange

June 2011

Latest Research: More lucerne and choice of lambing time provides options
Case Study: Perennials address salinity, waterlogging and summer feed shortage (Barry and Genie Pearce, Woogenellup, WA)
Latest Research: Lucerne-grass mixtures control runoff and erosion
Latest Research: Selective grazing focus for PhD student
Latest news: New FFI CRC perennial legume species show potential
Latest news: EverGraze thanks Angela
Latest news: New member joins National Advisory Committee

April 2011

Latest Research: Hamilton Proof Site finishes five years of research
Case Study: Kikuyu for summer production in WA (Erica Ayers and Phil Cleghorn, Esperance, WA)
Case Study: Implementing whole farm grazing strategies at Holbrook (John Keogh, Holbrook, NSW)
Latest news: Introducing our Regional Coordinators
Latest news: EverFarm – applying EverGraze principles to a real farm

December 2010

Update on EverGraze Proof Sites
Case Study: Lucerne leads to more legs on the ground (Chris, Margot, James and Barb Shannon, Bookham, NSW)
Increase profitability on your farm
Latest Research: Native weeping grass has the edge
Latest Research: Pasture cropping with kikuyu
Latest Research: Survey results set the future for EverGraze

October 2010

Producer survey shows impact
Latest Research: Lucerne leads in ovulation research
Latest Research: Shelter increases lamb survival at Hamilton and Wagga
Latest Research: Providing shelter can improve profits
Latest Research: Get ewes into right condition at lambing

June 2010

EverGraze native perennials research
Latest Research: Rotational grazing on native pastures at Orange
Case Study: Time planned rotational grazing (John and Megan Rowlands, Mandurama, north of Cowra, NSW)
Latest Research: NE Victoria shows native pastures have a place
Case Study: Native Pastures prove their value (Chris and Jacinta Mirams, Holbrook, NSW)
Latest Research: Ewe nutritional needs met with native & sown species
Case Study: Integrating forage sources for success (John & Laurie Chaffey Somerton, north of Tamworth, NSW)
Latest news: What’s new?? Farmer Case Studies
Latest news: NEW Feed budget and rotation planner

March 2010

Merino ewe performance
Latest Research: Perennials perform in WA
Latest Research: Wagga lamb systems
Case Study: Split Joining on farm (David and Jenny Hewlett, Yass, NSW)
Latest Research: Hamilton ‘plant for place’
Case Study: Lucerne in west Victoria (Mark and Sally Jarvis, Vasey, north of Hamilton, VIC)
Latest news: New pasture cost calculator

December 2009

The future – EverGraze grazing systems
NSW Field days
Measuring the impact of EverGraze
Autospy to understand lamb deaths EverGraze

September 2009

Future agriculture needs Leadership
Latest results on Split Joining
Tassie Hedges
Pasture production at Hamilton
Panyyabyr Landcare trials perennials for changing climates

June 2009

Minister for Agriculture Hon. Tony Burke visits EverGraze
NSW ~ Promising results from native perennials
WA ~ Kikuyu in mixed wool/cropping system
EverGraze – Strategies for managing native pastures.
Lucerne – Another reason to grow it
NSW ~ More lambs from perennials
NE Vic ~ Ewe conception rates on native pasture

March 2009

EverGraze Seminar ~ “LUCERNE – PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE”
Western Australia ~ Right plant, Right place, Right purpose
SW Victoria ~ Establishing summer-active tall fescue
Central NSW ~ One Year Down and Rotations Perform
Northern NSW – Willow Tree Supporting Site tries sub tropical perennials
Producer survey provides guidance to EverGraze

December 2008

EverGraze Road Show ~ Lucerne in south west Victoria
Western Australia ~ Perennials to suit different landscapes
Lucerne & Chicory to background lambs
NSW – Orange Proof Site ~Effect of grazing intensities on native perennials
Victoria – Grazing management of native perennials at Ararat
National Advisory Committee ~ Tamworth tour highlights pasture diversity

October 2008

Albury Wodonga Proof Site – Update on Chiltern Experiment
Orange Proof Site – The winter feed gap
Tamworth Proof Site – Dry winter tells on pregnant ewes in northern NSW
Ararat Supporting Site – Demonstrating deferred grazing and fertiliser management
Murrumbidgee Supporting Site – Murrumbidgee CMA EverGraze Merino Ovulation Project

June 2008

Wagga Wagga Proof Site – Summer active perennials increase ovulation rates by up to 22%
Albany Proof Site – Chicory a strong summer performer
Hamilton Proof Site – Lucerne is an all round performer at Hamilton
Mandurama Supporting Site combines high intensity grazing and winter cereals
Casterton Supporting Site addresses persistence
New EverGraze Fact Sheets now available
EverGraze and Landmark combine to ‘Make more from sheep’

April 2008

Supporting Site news: Kangaroo Island producers keen on kikuyu
Supporting Site news: Pasture management on steep hills
Latest results: Split joining works well at Wagga Wagga
Latest results: Hamilton lamb turn-off sets new benchmarks

March 2008

Supporting Site news: First Namoi site established
Supporting Site news: Riverina group looking at perennial growth curves
Supporting Site news: SA Supporting Sites making a start
Supporting Site news: Soil test results in for NE Victoria
Supporting Site news: Sites for Warren River catchment in WA
Proof Site news: Northern NSW site progressing on farm assessments
Proof Site news: Orange site treatment details
Latest results: Albany – lamb performance
Latest results: Albury Wodonga – Chiltern lambs sold
Latest results: Wagga Wagga – summer rainfall makes a difference

September 2007

Supporting Site news: Evaluating impacts of summer perennials on ewe fertility
Supporting Site news: Improving native pastures east of Gunnedah
Supporting Site news: Farmers trying Tall Fescue with beef cattle
Proof Site news: Tamworth monitoring underway
Proof Site news: Orange site treatment details
Proof Site news: Albury Wodonga native pastures
Latest results: Albany – lamb mortalities low this year
Latest results: Wagga – summer active pastures boost lambing
Latest results: Hamilton – lucerne surprises researchers

July 2007

Supporting Site developments
Positives from Proof Sites
Native grass sites underway
Pasture Grabs – Albany, Hamilton and Wagga Wagga

April 2007

Supporting Sites underway
Three become six – introducing Proof Sites
Managing Chicory to improve persistence
Tall wheatgrass hedges protect lambing ewes
Pasture Grabs – Albany Proof Site reflects dry season
Wagga weaning rates better than expected


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