EverGraze Action – Native pastures of the Eastern Namoi

Native Grasses Guide

Within the Eastern Namoi district many pastures are dominated by native perennial grasses.

These pastures are highly regarded for their capacity to persist in variable and often unfavourable conditions (e.g. drought, shallow soils) and with varying and often low inputs.

Many native perennials are highly persistent due to their adaptability across varying soil types and often lower fertility soils.

They are deep rooted and efficient at using water where it falls, which reduces leakage and limits lateral runoff and soil erosion.

If recognised and correctly managed, many native grasses can be highly productive – especially when soil moisture and fertility are adequate.

This guide provides an overview of 20 native pastures common to the Eastern Namoi district.

Presented are the key features for identification, grouped according to the seasonal growth habits of species and some basic information on the relative worth of these species to an agricultural grazing system.

Please note that both desirable and less desirable species have been included.

A poster on Identifying native perennial grasses is also available



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