Case Studies in North East Victoria

Case studies have been written on many farmers putting EverGraze principles into practice. The pages below provide stories from farmers in the north-east region of Victoria describing what changes they have made to their farming enterprises and the impact on their business and lifestyle.

Site location Host producer Title Focus
Longwood Andrew Walta Flexible approach fills the feed gap – Andrew Walta The purchase of a new property gave Victorian farmer, Andrew Walta the opportunity to start from scratch. Andrew explained how he went about developing a productive and persistent grazing system from the ground up.
Murmungee Judy and Chris Griffiths Grazing management makes the difference – Judy and Chris Griffiths A keen interest in managing native perennial grasses as part of a larger perennial based system has seen Judy Griffiths establish an EverGraze Supporting Site to test the practice behind the theory.
Kyneton Michael & Bernadette O’Sullivan New phalaris for acid soils – Michael and Bernadette O’Sullivan Michael O’Sullivan compared production from Advanced AT phalaris, Banquet perennial ryegrass and chicory on high acid/aluminium soils.  An economic analysis indicated a payback period of 4-5 years for the perennials.
Creightons Creek Barrie and Anne Noye To rejuvenate or re-sow – weighing up the options – Barrie and Anne Noye Barrie Noye in north east Victoria found that where phalaris still exists in a degraded phalaris pasture, it is more cost-effective to rejuvenate the pasture with fertiliser, weed control and grazing management than starting again with new pasture establishment
Seymour Gary McLarty Perennials out-perform persistent annual pastures – Gary McLarty, Northwood, Northeast Victoria A challenging climate and difficult soil types have prompted Northwood wool and lamb producer Gary McLarty, together with his local producer group, to look at the alternative pastures available to them.
Tallangatta Valley Stuart and Janet Morant Improving pasture productivity in hill country – Janet and Stuart Morant, Tallangatta Valley, North East Victoria Stuart and Janet Morant, Tallangatta, Victoria have improved their grazing management through investments in water, wire and perennial pastures.“Basically what we’ve being trying to do is get as much improved pasture sown as possible,” Stuart said.
Strath Creek Terry and Janet Hubbard Paddock subdivision allows more strategic grazing – Terry Hubbard A desire to better manage his steep hill country has seen Terry Hubbard subdivide larger paddocks according to land class and adopt a more strategic approach to grazing management

Northeast Victoria Case Study Photo Gallery

Demonstration and Case Studies


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