EverGraze Action – Growing and using chicory on the East Coast

This resource provides information on the place, purpose, establishment and management of chicory for south eastern Australia. Chicory is a summer-active, deep-rooted perennial herb that is suitable for areas above 550 mm rainfall and too acid for lucerne. Chicory is a shorter term option than lucerne, usually lasting for between two and four years.

Chicory has a tap root that can access moisture from 2-3 m in the soil profile. Soil moisture data from EverGraze indicates it dries the soil to 3 m, which is comparable to lucerne, but it has not been as persistent as lucerne. Summer rain is particularly important.

If chicory can access subsoil moisture then it may be able to be grown in slightly drier conditions. Chicory has been successful in many situations including sands in WA and clay loams in Vic.

Chicory provides herbage with high digestibility and high zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium levels, from October to April. It is usually more nutritious than grass pasture species. For EverGraze results on the production and persistence of chicory, see the Hamilton EverGraze Proof Site page.


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