Training and Events

The EverGraze partners each deliver training and events.


MLA runs a range of events and workshops designed to deliver the practical outcomes of R&D activities and inform producers about the range of marketing activities. These events aim to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of people involved in the red meat industry. For more information, visit the MLA website.


AWI builds industry confidence and unity of purpose through effective communications and collaboration, and by supporting skills training, networking and leadership initiatives. For more information about training and events, visit the AWI website.

Agriculture Victoria

Agriculture Victoria delivers a number of EverGraze workshops for producers and advisers, focussing on perennial-based pasture and livestock systems to achieve profit, environment, lifestyle and risk management objectives. All EverGraze training is based on the EverGraze principle Right Plant, Right Place, Right Purpose, Right Management.

For further information on Agriculture Victoria courses, please call 136186.

EverGraze Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Strategies (2 days)

This workshop can be delivered at introductory or advanced levels. The workshop begins with the key principles of grazing management. Participants are challenged to think about both livestock and pasture management objectives, and the impact of their decisions on productivity, natural resource management and existing farm management. A seasonal management plan is developed and steps for implementing the plan are discussed. The material presented in the EverGraze Exchange – Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Strategies is delivered in this workshop.

 What’s delivered?

  • The principles of grazing management and balancing the needs of pastures and livestock
  • Management of different pasture types and land classes.
  • Manipulating composition with grazing.
  • The benefits of grazing strategies (native and introduced pastures) – outcomes from relevant grazing management experiments (eg. Broadford Grazing Experiment, Holbrook, Orange, Chiltern EverGraze Proof Sites).
  • Management of specific species relevant to the region (native pastures, lucerne, phalaris etc)
  • Completion of a seasonal management plan.
  • Both days include paddock walks for practical application of the theory discussed.

Where to next: Groups are directed towards further training including Feed Budgeting and Tactical Management , EverGraze Whole Farm Grazing Strategies and PROGRAZE.

 EverGraze Feed Budgeting and Tactical Management (1-2 days)

This workshop can be delivered at introductory or advanced levels and is an excellent follow-on from the Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Strategies workshop, or from PROGRAZE. Feed budgets are important for enabling day to day management of stock movements and feeding; and longer term planning for tactical management and fodder purchasing in the months ahead. Participants discuss practical use of their feed budgets for making management decisions. The material presented under On-Farm Options for Feed Budgeting and Tactical Management is delivered in this workshop. The workshop can be condensed to a day if participants learn to use the EverGraze Feedbase Planning and Budgeting Tools using the examples and YouTube tutorials presented under On-Farm Options.

What’s delivered?

  • Feed budgeting as a tool for making tactical decisions for livestock and pastures.
  • Paddock walk – monitoring pasture availability and quality.
  • Using the EverGraze Feedbase Planning and Budgeting Tools:
    • Manage pastures over the critical summer and winter periods
    • Compare simple short-term strategies for specific paddocks or mobs of sheep of cattle
    • Develop supplementary feeding strategies for sheep or cattle
    • Compare the use of Gibberellic acid or Nitrogen with feeding hay or grain at pasture

Where to next: From here, participants can complete the Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Strategies workshop if they haven’t already done so, or can go on to do Prograze or a Whole Farm Grazing Strategies course.

EverGraze farm mapping – Dividing up the farm for grazing management (2 days)

This Victorian workshop which is linked to FarmPlan 21 provides information and case study examples for identifying production zones, soils and pasture types on the farm which need to be managed differently or which have different capability in terms of grazing management and pasture establishment. Participants map their farms on iFarm to obtain paddock sizes and layers of pastures, soils etc. The material in the EverGraze Action (Online) – Dividing up the farm for grazing management, is delivered in this workshop.

What’s delivered?

  • Discuss the application of EverGraze principles, research outcomes and case studies in the context of identifying, mapping and managing production zones or land management units.
  • Develop an electronic farm map on iFarm.
  • Identify which pastures, soils, land classes and aspects exist on the farm and categorise these into groups which are managed differently, produce differently and suit different purposes.
  • Identify existing paddock sizes, proposed new fencing, pasture species and condition.
  • Discuss use of the map for accurately measuring paddock sizes, assisting with fertiliser and seeding rates, and development of feed budgets for organising grazing management.

* This course is designed to map participant’s farms prior to participating in Whole Farm Grazing Strategies, Pasture for Place and Purpose or Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Strategies. It is not run as a stand-alone course.

Farm Planning

In this course, you will be guided through a process to develop real action plans for your property and access relevant assistance for you to achieve your farming goals. Farm Planning is a structured training program, however specialist facilitators can provide the training and assistance in a flexible way that suits you, your family and your business.

What’s delivered?

  • Develop a whole farm plan — farm vision and future planning.
  • Land capabilities, soils, water and biodiversity.
  • Access free computerised farm mapping software.

This course is nationally accredited and has the flexibility for recognition of prior learning. It is underpinned by relevant legislation, industry and climate change information.

Whole Farm Grazing Strategies course

Whole Farm Grazing Strategies is an accredited training program which delivers information, tools and decision making processes from EverGraze regional packages and other related projects.

The course is conducted over 2 years with 6-7 one day sessions each year. Group size is 10-15 producers with each session held at a different farm location.

The sessions are structured around the themes of

  • Pastures for extensive livestock
  • Soils and landclass
  • Livestock- strategies to address production, environmental and lifestyle requirements
  • The nuts and bolts of grazing management
  • Tactical management to balance feed demand and supply
  • Making on farm strategic change
  • Producer presentations of change on farm

The structure and process of the Whole Farm Grazing Strategies program can be found in the EverGraze Exchange – Making strategic on farm decisions.

What’s delivered?

  • Skills to evaluate profit, risk, environmental and lifestyle targets on grazing farms.
  • Prioritization of changes unique to each farm. Current practises are assessed against regional best practice and benchmarks such as soil fertility and condition, grazing management practices, stocking rates, livestock production per head and per hectare (wool and meat) and animal health.
  • Understanding options available and their relevance to your system including; changes to grazing management, soil management, livestock systems, livestock management, stocking rates and pasture species.
  • Encouragement to consider/try options.
  • Group discussion to allow participants to learn from experience of others.
  • A farm walk is conducted in each session to reinforce the messages delivered.

The program recognises that every farm is unique. Producers need to decide the solutions they need to be more profitable and make life easier. Different options are discussed throughout the course and through group discussion, farm walks and presentation of experimental results, producers decide the best option for their farm.

Approved deliverers

Deliverers have been trained to deliver the course across the country. If you are interested in doing the course you can contact your local deliverer:

List of approved deliverers for Victoria:

Name Company Email Mobile
Andrew Speirs Meridian Agriculture, Casterton, VIC 0428 685 172
Graham Lean Agrivet Business Consulting, Hamilton, VIC 0428 838 262
Tim Leeming Paradoo Consult, Pigeon Ponds, VIC 0427 797 242
Stuart Warner AGristology, Beechworth, VIC 0438 331 768
Lisa Warn McKinnon Group, Werribee, VIC 0418 748 607
John Bowman Agriculture Victoria, Leongatha, VIC 0429 196 337
Laura Garland Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton, VIC 0400 580 844
James Whale Meridian Agriculture, Casterton, VIC 0428 374 046

List of approved deliverers for Southern NSW:

Name Company Email Mobile
Rob Inglis Elders, Wagga Wagga, NSW 0439 739 055
David Brown Holmes Sackett, Wagga Wagga, NSW 0439 448 159
Chris Mirams Chris Mirams and Associates, Holbrook 0409 205 235
Jim Virgona Graminus Consulting, Wagga Wagga, NSW 0431 137 144

List of approved deliverers for Southern WA:

Name Company Email Mobile
Lawrence Carslake Farmanco, Narrogin, WA 0407 441 157
Brent Pritchard Farmanco, Albany, WA 0488 428 333
Mark Allington Icon Agriculture, Darkan, WA 0428 927 034

List of approved deliverers for South Australia:

Name Company Email Mobile
Tim Prance T Prance Rural Consulting, Victor Harbor, SA 0427 812 655
Simon Ellis Ellis Farm Consulting, Verdun, SA 0402 027 235

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