Tactical Management Regimes Report on Simulation Modelling at Wagga Wagga

The experiment at the Wagga Wagga Proof site at Tarcutta conducted by EverGraze between 2006 and 2010 was subject to either drought or extremely wet years. It was therefore considered beneficial to evaluate the performance of these sheep production systems under less extreme conditions. GrassGro version 3.0.5 was used to simulate different scenarios. The Merino ewe joined to Merino ram system was used as a standard. A Merino ewe joined to Terminal ram was also considered as a standard as this only differed from the experimental system in that ewes were only joined to one breed of ram. For these standard systems, several simulations were conducted to evaluate the impact of changing prices, different seasonal conditions, and changing management (flushing ewes, lambing time, stocking rate). In addition, three alternative livestock systems were evaluated.


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