The CATPlus Project: EverGraze catchments – Catchment scale recharge modelling for EverGraze

CATPlus is a project within the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FFI CRC). The project aims to allow partners and FFI CRC participants to assess the impacts of selected on-ground actions, prioritised by the CRC, on water quality and quantity, both within and at the end of catchments. An important step in understanding the impacts of on-ground changes; such as adoption of farming systems developed in EverGraze; on catchment water resources, is accurately describing the impacts on recharge across the catchment. As such the work covered in this report is important for the delivery of both projects. The collaboration particularly in terms of defining the land systems and input data, as well as reporting on recharge is of benefit to both projects.

This document summarises the results of recharge modelling in the EverGraze catchments. Specifically the report summarises the results for Belubula, Goonoo Goonoo and Tarcutta in NSW as well as the Ovens and Wannon catchments in Victoria.


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