EverGraze Tactical Management Regimes: GrassGro Simulations Albany

Preliminary EverGraze modelling suggested that an opportunity existed in the south-west WA to substantially increase profit while reducing soil degradation through the adoption of a Perennial Based Lamb Production System based on summer-active perennials and high-performance meat production. To test this hypothesis a 60 ha field demonstration (Proof Site) of the modelled Perennial Based Lamb Production System was undertaken comprising of kikuyu, lucerne, tall fescue (summer-active), chicory and setaria/panic. The Proof Site ran Merinotech ewes joined in February to Poll Dorset rams. Livestock, pasture and soil measurements were taken from January 2006 until early 2009.
To evaluate the impact of perennials over a greater range of seasons, in different livestock production systems and with alternative management to that captured at the Proof Site the following scenarios were simulated using GrassGro version 3.2.4;
1. Baseline systems used at the Proof Site run over 40 financial years 1970-2010 to look at long-term effects of the treatments on profitability and NRM outcomes.
2. Different seasonal conditions using the Baseline pastures and animal systems.
3. Different management decisions (lambing time, stocking rate) and the impact on profitability.
4. Different livestock systems on the Baseline pastures.


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