EverGraze Exchange – Proven and promising perennials for WA

Perennial pastures can benefit grazing systems through increased out-of-season green feed, reduce soil loss, reduced use of supplementary feed and higher stocking rates.

In addition they reduce salinity, waterlogging and soil acidity through increased water and nutrient use.

Historically pastures in WA have consisted mostly of annual species, such as subterranean clover, annual ryegrass and volunteer weeds.

Recent research and testing by scientists and producers has been conducted into growing perennial pastures with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing land degradation.

This has led to a good understanding of which perennials are best suited to WA conditions, where they work and the purpose to which they are best suited.

This Exchange discusses the use of proven and promising perennials, such as kikuyu, lucerne, tall fescue, chicory and panic, on the south coast and higher rainfall areas (>450mm) of WA.


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