EverGraze Exchange – Grazing management systems explained

Grazing management can be defined as ‘where and when to move grazing animals’, but the reasons and strategies behind grazing systems are complex and require explanation.

Grazing management needs to simultaneously consider the needs of the animal, the pasture, the land and farming business.

It can be a relatively inexpensive way to increase pasture production and utilisation or improve composition compared to practices such as resowing and use of fertilisers and herbicides.

EverGraze aims to increase profitability of livestock enterprises by 50% while simultaneously improving NRM (natural resource management) outcomes.

Grazing management was identified as a way in which these dual goals could be addressed. This brochure explains the three grazing systems tested at the Orange EverGraze Proof Site. Set stocking was compared to four and 20 paddock rotations on native pastures and the impact on profitability and NRM indicators were measured. The Exchange also discusses the pros and cons of each grazing system aiming to help producers determine which grazing system best suits their circumstances. Further information and up-to-date results can be found on the Orange Proof Site page, the Broadford Grazing Experiment page and under Grazing Management On-Farm Options.


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