EverGraze Action – Growing and using chicory in WA

This resource provides information on the place, purpose, establishment and management of chicory for Western Australia. Chicory is a summer-active perennial herb that responds quickly to summer rainfall and provides high quality feed from October to April. Once soil temperatures fall below 9°C in winter, chicory becomes dormant. Chicory provides a good balance of crude protein, energy and minerals that when combined with rapid passage through the animal results in high feed intake and liveweight gain. High animal growth rates, eg 290 g/day (lambs) and 900 g/day (calves), have been measured on chicory.

Chicory requires annual rainfall of 500 mm or more for inland areas, and 400 mm or more for coastal areas where summer rainfall is reasonable. It has a tap root that can access moisture from 2-3 m but is only slightly salt tolerant and has low waterlogging tolerance.

For the latest results on the persistence and production of chicory in WA, see the Albany EverGraze Proof Site page.


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