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Estimating pasture growth on your farm

To complete feed budgets for your farm, you need to be able to estimate pasture growth rates throughout the year. Estimates of pasture growth in different regions of Australia are provided here (Regional pasture gro

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Manage climate variability in northern NSW

Overview Climate variability represents a constant challenge to effectively managing a grazing enterprise. The climate of Northern NSW is more variable than that at Wagga Wagga (NSW), Hamilton (VIC) or Albany (WA) a

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Murphy, S. McCormick, L;   2014;   EverGraze

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Pasture recovery after fire – Quick reference guide

This Quick reference guide produced by DEPI provides a decision flow chart for pasture recovery after fire. By determining whether it is a cool, moderate or hot burn, it provides suggested actions to ensure pasture

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DEPI;   2014;   DEPI


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