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Putting EverGraze principles into practice increased profit by more than 50% and significantly reduced groundwater recharge.

Hamilton Proof Site

Summer active tall fescue provides autumn feed in poorly drained soils

Hamilton Proof Site Key Message

Albany Proof Site

Perennials persisted on sandy soils prone to wind erosion and reduced supplementary feeding costs.
Native pastures can form the basis of a successful store lamb production system

Holbrook/Chiltern Proof Site

Flexible livestock and pasture systems made the best of good years and minimised losses in dry years

Wagga Wagga Proof Site

Phil Cleghorn and Erica Ayres found that kikuyu provided out of season feed and reduced wind erosion

Esperence Demonstration Site

Compare the benefits of using green feed to flush ewes for higher twin rates with finishing lambs on green feed in summer/autumn

How will you use green feed this summer?

Learn how you can wean more lambs in this one-day workshop

Your Lambs Your Profit

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